About Enshin Karate

Enshin Karate Mission Viejo Dojo

Mission Statement

Enshin Karate Mission Viejo Dojo was founded in an effort to share and learn the spirit of authentic Japanese martial arts. We at the Enshin Karate Mission Viejo Dojo serve the area of Orange County South, California. Our focus is on the pursuit of strength for both body and mind. We strive to develop as persons strong enough to be able to care for the people who we love, and contribute to our community.

International Enshin Karate Organization

Enshin Karate LogoThe Meaning of the word “Enshin” in Japanese is circle and center. A circular motion/movement is our understanding of and our approach to life; from the beginning to the end, we start over again like a circle that is our martial arts technique. Enshin Karate Organization was founded more than 23 years ago (Headquartered in Denver, CO) by Kancho (Grand Master) Joko Ninomiya. Grand Master Joko Ninomiya was all Japan Champion in 1978. He is one of the most foremost karate men in Japanese karate history, well known as a legendary phenomenon. The organization has more than 4,000 members around the world including United States, Europe, Japan and other Asian countries. Our Mission Viejo Dojo is the 2nd branch in the Southern California.

What is “Sabaki”?

Sabaki ChallengeA primary focus of Enshin Karate is to learn the fighting method called “Sabaki” which means: Taking side position or back (blind spot “shikaku”) of your opponent to be able to control the fight, Using the momentum of opponent’s attack for counter attacks. In addition to blocking, punching and kicking technique which consists of the base of martial arts movement, we learn many different practical throwing and sweeping techniques as well. Compared to other styles, it is very unique and different style of karate.

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